Preventive Maintenance

  • Prevent downtime and discomfort
  • Prevent energy waste
  • Lower utility payment
  • Extend equipment life
  • Contain repair / replacement costs
  • Priority Emergency Repair Service

What does Maintenance Program mean?

A Maintenance Program means peace of mind, knowing that bad times have solutions. Our personal certified technicians will guide you to maximize your unit in the most energy efficient way. And our maintenance program provides fixed rates, cleaning and lubricant materials, filters, and recommendations on improvements for your unit.

What are the benefits to preventive maintenance?

Our Maintenance Program offers customers the advantage of always being first. Maintenance Program customers are eligible for our 24-hour service, discounted parts from all major manufactures, and longevity of your equipment, all at a special rate.

Our cost effective program caters to your energy efficient needs.

Are there any preventive maintenance options?

Florida State Refrigeration performs an inventory and analysis test to determine which maintenance program better serves your needs. Our maintenance programs range from basic monthly visits to more advanced preventive measures.